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Super Quatro Briefs

Seni (Westech)

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  • Seni Super Quatro Briefs are made from soft, yet enduring materials
  • Vapor-permeable backsheet helps the skin to breathe easily
  • Their standing gathers with the leg cuffs, protect better from side leaks, and elastics in the waist and closing tabs provide better fit
  • Equipped with double absorbent core and EDS (Extra Dry System), moisture is distributed and locked in the core increasing the dryness feeling for the user
  • Double wetness indicator on the outer layer helps to determine when it is time to change the product 

The Seni Super Quatro Briefs have a heavy absorbency for individuals with severe incontinence and come in 5 sixes (measured at the waist/hips): 

  1. Small: 22"-31" (pack of 12).  
  2. Medium: 30"-43" (pack of 10). 
  3. Regular: 40"-50" (pack of 10). 
  4. Large: 45"-59" (pack of 9). 
  5. Extra Large: 55"-67" (pack of 8).