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Robooter E40

The Mobilist

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The E40 is a new stylish addition in the Moose Mobility showroom! This unit is great for every-day use or travelling because it is comfortable and compact. Some key features include: an ergonomic backrest, an institutive smart controller joystick, wireless smartphone integration, breathable memory foam, quick 2-step folding, and advancing coat painting to prevent rust and corrosion. With it's bluetooth functionality and smart phone app, you can actually control and move the chair from your phone! This is great if you have limited hand mobility or have a caregiver that helps you get around. This feature is also helpful in navigating tight spaces or storing your unit out of the way. 


Model E40
Weight Capacity 150kg/330lbs
Dimensions (LxWxH) Unfolded: 39.6″x25″x36.6″
Folded: 28″x25″x17″
Ground Clearance 1.6″
Total Weight with Battery    26.8kg/59lbs
Speed 5mph/8km
Battery 20ah
Driving Distance 23km/14miles
Safe Climb˚ 9 deg


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