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EZ Stand n Go HD


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The EZ Stand-N-Go HD stands out as one of the sturdiest and discreet methods for rising from your beloved sofa, recliner, love seat, or couch. Its handles offer a robust base for boosting yourself up from a plush couch or recliner. Its ingenious design ensures compatibility with most chair models, effortlessly adjusting around or beneath the cushions. 

  • Padded Handle Grips: Featuring dual cushion handles, this device offers a comfortable and secure grip for standing or sitting, supporting weights of up to 400 pounds!
  • Fully Adjustable: The EZ Stand-N-Go is fully adjustable in height to accommodate cushions positioned 12″-21″ from the ground; it also adapts in width and depth to fit cushions measuring 19″-26″ wide and 24″-27″ deep.
  • Compatibility: Utilize the stand assist on most sofas, chairs, or recliners. Before purchasing, please review the compatibility video below and measure your chair to ensure compatibility.
  • Easy to Install: Simply slide the frame of the EZ Stand-N-Go underneath removable chair cushions or around stitched cushions for effortless installation.
  • Prevent Falls: Offering stability and balance while sitting or standing from your chair or recliner, the Stand-N-Go helps prevent hazardous falls.
  • Maintain Independence: Achieve standing or sitting positions without the need for caregiver assistance, reducing the risk of back pain from lifting and skin tears from pulling.
  • Blends with Furniture: Crafted from durable powder-coated steel, the frame ensures longevity through years of repeated use while seamlessly blending into any living room furniture.
  • Better than Arm Rests: Utilize the stand assist as a superior alternative to cushioned chair armrests, providing enhanced support and balance.


Fits Cushion Heights: 12″-21″

Fits Cushion Widths: 19″-26″

Fits Cushion Depths: 24″-27″

Handle Heights: 7″-11″ above horizontal frame

Weight Capacity: 400 lbs

Weight: 8.5 lbs


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