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Active Super Plus Disposable Underwear

Seni (Westech)

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Active Super Plus Disposable Underwear for individuals with heavy incontinence. 

The Seni Active disposable underwear is a perfect solution for people leading an active life or participating in physical rehabilitation.

  • Fully breathable outer layer allows humidity to evaporate to promote a sin-friendly microclimate
  • Super-absorbent, locks in moisture to prevent skin irritation, locking urine inside the core also reduces bacterial growth and helps contain odor
  • Soft, delicate materials and perfect finish for maximum comfort
  • Hydrophobic standing side gathers for better protection 
  • Extra Dry System (EDS) nonwoven-layer for quick and effective absorption 
  • Free of natural rubber latex to help prevent skin reactions
  • Perfect for active people and during bladder training
  • Worn like normal underwear of discretion and exceptional comfort
  • Tear-away side seams make removal simple and easy
  • The absorbent core provides high absorbency and the feeling of dryness

Comes in 4 sizes (measured at the waist/hips):

  1. Small: 22"-33" (pack of 22).
  2. Medium: 31"-43" (pack of 20).
  3. Large: 39"-53" (pack of 18).
  4. Extra Large: 47"-63" (pack of 16).