Travel Buggy

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The Travel Buggy City power chair is built for usability and mobility. It features large, solid 12″ rear tires for rougher terrains and a 360 deg. joystick control. The City comes in two models, regular and wide. The wider version features more space between the seat and armrests which offers more hip room and makes for a more comfortable seat for some users. With a sturdy frame made of aluminum alloy and a full charge within 6-8hrs, this power chair is ready for an adventure!

Model The Travel Buggy, City
Weight Capacity 180kg/396lbs
Dimensions (LxWxH) 38”x24”x37”
Seat Width 19.25”
Ground Clearance
Total Weight with Battery 26.5kg/58.5lbs
Speed 3.7mph/6km
Drive Wheel

8” F 12” R

Battery 2xLithium Ion 24V 6AH
Charger 24V/2A
Motor 2X250W brushless motor
Driving Distance 25km/15.5miles
Turning Radius 33”
Safe Climb˚ 12 deg


*The only difference between the City and the City Wide is the armrests (the wide provides 2" more between the seat and armrests).