Eclipse Spyder P326A

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This midsize power chair features 10″ tires and mid-wheel drive, full suspension, has 36ah batteries with a 4amp charger. Complete with a swing away joystick, this chair offers supreme comfort and maneuverabiltiy. Comes in red or blue. 

Model Pathmaster Spyder P326A
Weight Capacity 136kg/300lbs
Dimensions (LxWxH) 34”x28”x48”
Seat Width
Ground Clearance
Total Weight with Battery 84kg/185lbs
Speed 8kph/5mph
Drive Wheel 10” M
Battery 2 x 36AH
Charger 4 amp
Motor 2 x .7HP
Driving Distance 28km/18miles
Turning Radius 20”
Safe Climb˚ 6 deg
Suspension Full

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